2014 Talks at Basingstoke Cafe Sci Jul 2014 - Two sciences - Palaeoclimate Science and its application to Ecology Conservation

The speaker for the July 2014 meeting of Cafe Scientifique at The Tea Bar will be James Fielding, a researcher from the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton.  The subject for this month is "A tale of two sciences: Palaeoclimate science and it's applications to ecology".  

The idea behind this talk is that traditionally members of the physical earth sciences (geology, geochemistry, palaeoclimate studies etc) have very little cross over or communications with those in the ecology and conservation communities. More and more, however, the indication is that the two fields need to collaborate. This is especially true when dealing with climate and environmental reconstruction. 

The research James is undertaking shows why this is essential to the advancement of both sciences.  As part of the talk James will run through an example from his own work showing how high resolution palaeoclimatic and environmental studies are being applied to the conservation of landscapes and aquatic environments in the Lake District National Park. 

The high resolution record comes from sediment sequences collected from 4 locations across Windermere in the south of the Lake District National Park and cover the last 17,000 years to the present day. The sequences show several aspects of climate history for the full period and also a pollution history, mainly from mining and sewage input, for the last 400 years.

James is currently conducting research for a PhD at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on high resolution Holocene palaeoclimate and environmental records derived from sediment cores from Windermere . He has an interest in environmental sciences in general, but is particularly interested in environmental pollution or Quaternary science with relation to sediments.

The Tea Bar will be open from around 6.30pm before the talk which starts at 7:30pm, so you can get yourself a drink and have a chat with other participants. The discussions will aim to finish around 9:00pm, though everyone will be welcome to stay around and have a chat with the speaker afterwards ... and indulge in more of the Tea Bar's delicious cakes.

The format of the evening is usually a talk of 30 to 40 minutes, followed by a short break so the audience can refill their glasses, before questions and discussions about the talk. Entry is free and open to everyone, but we do encourage you to buy a tea, coffee or drink (and cakes) at the bar to show your support for The Tea Bar who sponsor the meeting by providing the venue.

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