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FREE - Includes Meetup events. Pay by donation at our Science Cafe and guest fee at invited premium events.

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Includes Science and Climate Cafe talks, Social Hub events, premium, inter-club and travel activities.

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Welcome to Basingstoke Science Cafe
Part of the UK Cafe Scientifique Network (

Would you like to watch livestream lectures or meet like-minded people at in-person talks to discuss new developments and ideas in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the environment

We mostly publicise livestream talks that you can watch at home or in a cafe bar with friends and family. These talks allow you to learn more about and discuss the latest ideas and developments in science, the climate and technology. 

We also provide details of any in-person talks organised by other science and environmental groups that are within easy travel distance of Basingstoke.

For the price of a cup of coffee each month, you can receive a weekly email bulletin of upcoming events plus a newsletter of interesting new developments as we find them.
(Details of how to subscribe for the e-Bulletin and newsletter will be available soon)

Basingstoke Cafe Science is a not-for-profit organisation.